Writing Is Hard, but That’s Not a Reason to Stop

As a writer you try to listen to what others aren’t saying…and write about the silence.” – N.R. Hart

Writing is hard.

There’s no doubt about that. Of all the writers I’ve met, not one of them has ever said that it’s a walk in the park, or described it with any other figure of speech relating to ease, for that matter. And if they have… Well, their walk in the park must include very angry squirrels chattering all over the place, newspapers blowing into their faces and temporarily blinding them, dogs snarling and barking at other dogs, and people incapable of (or at least oblivious to) that little thing called personal space.

Now, admitting that writing is hard doesn’t at all mean that I don’t enjoy doing it. It simply means that sometimes, it’s incredibly difficult to transform the jumble of thoughts in your head into something worthy of a blank page on your desk or an open document on your computer screen. A lot of people might think that this fact alone is an excuse to stop writing, or to never really start in the first place. And please, believe me when I say that it shouldn’t be.

Like anything in life, writing takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t just start writing one day and present a manuscript or finished product the next day — unless you’re, like, JK Rowling, but I don’t think even she has managed to reach that level of insane perfection yet.

Writing will often make you want to cry, scream, and throw your laptop across the room (My advice to you: You can do the former two, by all means, but refrain from doing the latter if possible). But it will also give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment in the end, so if you need a reason to continue (other than just doing it because you love it), writing on its own will give one to you!

If you truly love to do it, my only real advice to you is the most cliché writing tip I’ve ever heard, and yet… It works. And it’s this: KEEP WRITING. It truly is the only way you can improve and the only way you can try to fight writer’s block, as well as any negative thoughts about the craft. And just remember that not all your writing will be good. You will write badly, and you’ll write well, but it doesn’t matter. Just write. See where it takes you. Fill that silence with words so loud they’ll practically be jumping off the page.

Good luck!

Anna xx


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