10 Songs I Currently Love

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I find a new song, album, or artist that I like, it’s nearly impossible for me to stop listening to them for a very long time after my discovery. (Case in point: Dua Lipa. It’s been over a year and a half, and I’m still obsessed. But what can I say? She’s such a queen!)

Before I downloaded Spotify on my phone, I used iTunes. I loved it, but using it without a subscription plan meant that I had to buy every single and album I liked individually. I didn’t have a credit card, so using gift cards I received as presents for Christmases and birthdays, I had to pick and choose what music I wanted to own, and it made me really think about what tracks were at the top of my list.

But now, I use Spotify daily. When I find a new song I like, I don’t have to choose to listen to it over a different song, which I love. I make more playlists than boards on Pinterest, and that’s saying something. I’ve found that with Spotify, I now listen to wider varieties of different individual songs that I like more frequently than I used to, whereas before I think I listened to more albums. (P.S. Not dissing iTunes / Apple Music at all, because I know that so many people like it!)

So with that said… Here’s a list of my current top ten favourite songs. (Note: Not in any particular order.)

1. “Heavy” | POWERS

I first heard this song in an episode of the Lifetime-turned-Netflix show You, starring Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail. It was, in my opinion, very cleverly woven into the scene in which it played — it begins with one of the main characters, Beck, listening to the song through her headphones at a low volume, and as she takes them off, the track’s volume increases so that it plays, suddenly no longer a part of the actual scene itself. As soon as I heard the song with its sensual lyrics and its dance-inducing beat, I knew I had to find out what it was. Since then, I haven’t stopped listening (or dancing — to the probable horror of my surgeon, who just operated on my left knee at the end of January!) to this song, and I don’t regret it one bit.

2. “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” | Miley Cyrus + Mark Ronson

I actually only heard this song about a week ago, even though it came out towards the end of 2018 in November. I don’t normally listen to Miley (even though I was obsessed with Hannah Montana and knew all those songs by heart as a child), but this song pleasantly surprised me. Some people have said it’s a track that grows on you, but I fell in love pretty much instantly. The string instruments, the slight country twang (which I’d usually hate), and the beautiful lyrics and melody all come together to create a gorgeous masterpiece of a song. Some parts of the song, if not all of it, are also very reminiscent of something Dolly Parton might sing, which I thought was especially cool, considering she’s Miley’s godmother. A few days ago, I played it as loudly as I could on our Sonos speakers, and my mum and I danced around the kitchen to it while cooking dinner.

3. “Sucker” | Jonas Brothers

Although they were wildly popular when I was growing up, often being featured on the Disney Channel (I specifically remember an episode of Hannah Montana), I was never a massive fan of the Jonas Brothers. Some of my friends hated them, and because of that I (stupidly) didn’t feel like I could even begin to get invested. I knew the choruses of a few of their songs, like “Burning Up”, and I thought they were cute in Camp Rock, but I never really cared. When they split up and began making their own music individually, my interest was piqued. I began to love some DNCE songs, and I found Nick Jonas’ stuff really catchy. Now, announced a few days ago, the band is back together after all these years. Like every other teenager on the internet right now, I heard this song for the first time when it came out, and it’s so catchy that it’s been on repeat. Plus, the music video is gorgeous. I thought it was adorable how the brothers included their significant others in the video — and can we talk about how good Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra looked?

4. “Superstar” | MARINA

After four years, Marina is back — except, without the Diamonds. (In case you didn’t know, her stage name during the last ten years of her career was Marina and the Diamonds). This new album comes with a name change, but I don’t mind it. Marina said it feels more ‘her’ and I like that. I also can’t wait for Love + Fear, which is coming out in April (yes!!!) Ever since a friend showed me her music in 2014, I loved it, and I’m so excited for this new era. I love the lyrics in “Superstar” and I adore the whole sound of the song, even if it is more ‘mainstream’ and pop-sounding than some of her other music.

5. “In The Night” | The Weeknd

Ever since I heard it for the first time, I’ve loved this song. The Weeknd’s voice is amazing, and I really like the sound of the song. The song was apparently recorded in a studio which is in Marilyn Monroe’s former house, and the idea for the track was conjured in her bedroom, so that’s pretty cool. Tons of people have said it before, and I’m also going to say it — his voice reminds me so much of Michael Jackson’s during a few parts of multiple of his songs. His talent is totally unsurprising, and although I don’t know tooooo many of his songs, I love every single one I’ve heard so far.

6. “Queen” | Loren Gray

Yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say. “Isn’t Loren Gray that teen star from that lip-syncing app?” Yes. Yes, she is. Normally, I don’t listen to her music (I follow her on Instagram because she does her makeup very nicely and wears the cutest outfits), but when she was first advertising this song, I was intrigued. I swiped up on the link in her Insta story, and I instantly fell in love with the song’s sound, its lyrics, and its meaningful message. It’s a very empowering song about being treated like a queen (up front and center) rather than a princess (on the sidelines) by men. It’s about feeling like the powerful half of a relationship women should be seen as, instead of just a boy’s pretty sidepiece. But it’s not just a song for people who are getting into / are in relationships — even if you’re single, it’s definitely the kind of song to sing in the shower. Teach those boys who they’re messing with!

7. “Broken” | lovelytheband

This song holds a special place in my heart, because it’s one of the first songs my boyfriend and I bonded over when we were getting closer. We have very different tastes in music, so sometimes it’s hard to find artists and songs we both enjoy. But this was one of the few, and every time I hear it, because of that specific reason, it reminds me of him. We dubbed it as ‘our song’ but in all honesty, I think we need a new and slightly happier one. I wouldn’t say either of us are broken as the song lyrics suggest — we’re just healing from different life events and obstacles in our pasts. (So, Joe… New song?)

8. “I’m A Mess” | Bebe Rexha

The first time I heard this song, for some reason I thought it was Meghan Trainor — whose music, no offense to her, I don’t like very much. But the more I started to listen to it, the more I liked it. I related to a lot of the lyrics, and I loved dancing around to it in my kitchen. While it doesn’t give me that newly-discovered buzz when I listen to it, I still want to dance, and I’d be very happy if I heard it playing at a restaurant or party somewhere! Get this: I even got my dad into the song — he listens to it often on his way cycling home from work!

9. “Paris” | Sabrina Carpenter

THIS. SONG. I cannot get enough. When it first came out a few weeks before Sabrina’s most recent album, it was one of the first songs of hers I didn’t love just because she was singing it. I’ve found that with a lot of artists, I’ve almost felt conditioned to like their new music, simply because I like them as people and because I liked all their music in the past. But from the moment I stuck my headphones in my ear at midnight, in my pitch black and silent room the night it was released, I never wanted to stop listening to this song. It’s atmospheric and gorgeously done. I adore the lyrics, and the spoken French in the middle of the track, and it just makes me want to go to the City of Love even more than I already did. If you haven’t already, give this song a listen. She’s known for being a Disney star, but trust me — she and her music are very quickly becoming much, much more.

10. “I Only Want To Be With You” | Dusty Springfield

While I was volunteering at a local charity shop / thrift store last year, I was introduced to a lot of music from the 50s and 60s, because the radio was often, if not always, on a station which played the greatest hits from those decades. This song was played a few times, and each time it came on in the shop I got so excited! I haven’t volunteered at the shop in about a year now, but one day I suddenly remembered how much I liked the older music, and I looked up a few of the songs. Naturally, this was one of them. It’s so sweet and romantic, and always makes me want to get up and dance.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite songs at the moment?

Anna x